Living Room Update & DIY Curtains


8 months later and I am finally loving our living room! I can ‘t wait to share our whole little house, but for now we will start here. I really struggle figuring out my “style” daily. I love farmhouse, rustic, glam, modern.. all of it! Anyone else suffer from this problem? A friend on IG was venting about this as well with me and we decided the final solution is to buy multiple houses and decorate each differently and just move around to each. LOL Maybe one day… if we win the lottery. **fingers crossed**

I have swapped so many pieces out and have finally decided on a neutral scheme of creams and black with added greenery! I am so thankful for a husband who lets me change it up on a regular basis. It feels so cozy and like home with the mixed textures, metals, and woods. 

Now, lets talk curtains. I have honestly never been a huge fan of curtains (yes I know they can make or break a room). I just have normally liked it simple and clean. I knew the look I wanted in our living room for window treatments, but the cost was sky rocketing since I wanted them so long to offset our vaulted ceiling! Thanks to some stalking of other bloggers and pinterest, I decided on drop cloth curtains. 

Y’all… these are a must do for any room! I get some many compliments – despite mine being slightly wrinkled. #toolazytoiron Seriously, I saved a ton of money and have durable long curtains. I ordered my drop cloths off amazon and you can find them here. I ordered the 9 x12 and by doing this I was able to get two panels from each drop cloth. Totaling a whopping $44. 

These DO have a seam and that is what made it perfect to split them into two panels for me. Just take a pair of scissors and cut up the seam. You can sew it to hide the raw edge if you want to be extra, but once they are hanging you can not see this edge at all so I left it. I then ordered clips to hang them with and ta-da! 

Another trick if you want them a lighter color and a lighter weight of fabric is to bleach them. You can find a tutorial here from Our Handcrafted Life. This gives them a more farmhouse/breezy look. I liked the natural canvas color for some contrast for our home. 

My sister and my aunt’s MIL have both tried this trick after coming over and look how gorgeous they turned out below! They both turned the tops of theirs over before clipping and I LOVE it! I plan to do this for the ones in our bedroom. 

They look beautiful at her actual farm house!

Perfect in my sister’s master! 

Do you have any DIY tips?





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