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I have been trying to kick my booty into gear for the wedding #sweatingforthewedding…  yea about that. I have been better about my eating habits (check out Sensible Portion Meals here) and I am finally motivated to get back in a workout routine. The struggle is real y’all. I can’t workout without music. Honestly, I don’t do a lot of things without music. It connects me in all sorts of situations from church to exercise to just putting me in a better mood or helping me de-stress. It motivates me and helps me push through to the end of a workout. Thanks to Specter I can workout with my music and not have to worry about my phone being connected to a cord and in the way. I am loving these wireless EFITZ headphones. They don’t slip off during intense workouts and they provide bass-blasting sound. Not to mention that they have the following features: water resistant, hands-free phone calls, Siri & Google Assistant compatibility, and headset controls. Oh, they are under $100 too. Who knew such little things could provide so much sound?! I seriously have a playlist for each workout type.. cardio/strength/HIIT/Pilates.

What’s on your playlist?

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