Lucky in Love

Photography: Cathrine Taylor

Happy Saturday! I think I have shared our engagements photos on almost every social media outlet… BUT I had to pick a few to share here as well. I’m so lucky to get to marry my best friend. We feel so blessed that God brought us together. I wanted to share some of our wedding details with you all.

I am not one of those girls who grew up dreaming of her perfect wedding. Quite frankly, I wasn’t even sure what all of the fuss was about when girls would break down and cry because they wanted to be married SO badly. Then I met Judson… and now I totally get it girls. Sorry for the prior judgement. 

When we started talking about marriage before we got engaged we both just knew we wanted to celebrate with an intimate ceremony. We wanted people who know us and love us there when we say our vows. I came across a blog post of a couple who eloped at Horseshoe Bend (find it here) and I fell in love with the idea. There’s was STUNNING. So, destination wedding became a must. What better way to celebrate God’s love for us than outside in the middle of one of His amazing landscape creations. After getting engaged, we could absolutely not decide on the destination though. We looked at Turks & Caicos, Aspen, Napa, Grand Canyon, etc. etc. etc. 

Finally, after weeks of searching we fell back to the original blog that sparked my interest and knew we had to pick out west. Long story short, it came down to Sedona, Arizona. I found a company (Weddings in Sedona) that plans it all for us (thank goodness)! Susan and Alexandria have been amazing! They immediately respond to emails and call me about details. They could not be any more of a blessing so far. We have never been (I know sounds crazy to pick somewhere you’ve never been), so I am thankful for all of their knowledge and suggestions on where to stay and what to do. 

I’m not sure who this couple is, but they look amazing and this is the exact spot we will exchange vows as well. How beautiful is it? God is a wonderful artist. I cry every time I think about it. We will be flying out and the girls will spend the next day at the spa while the guys golf. Then we will explore what Sedona has to offer and the next day we will be tying the knot and enjoying dinner after! It’s going to be such a fun weekend. 

Wedding Date: September 17, 2017

We know some feelings would be hurt by choosing a small destination wedding, but we hope everyone understands why we want to celebrate small. I am a people pleaser so this has been harder than we expected… but at the end of the day we are sticking to what we want and clinging to the fact that God put us together and everything is for His glory. We don’t feel that a wedding with 200+ people is for us. We will be having a reception the week after we get back from our honeymoon for all of our family and friends that won’t get to be part of Sedona in our hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Besides booking a band and finding a cake, we have it all done. I am shocked at what you can accomplish in a month or two. Now to relax and wait for the big day! Let the fun begin. I’d love to hear about your wedding and any tips you have for us! 

Have the best weekend!

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