Blanket Scarves and Cuffed Jeans


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Hey loveys! Hope you’re having the best weekend yet. This denim top is on sale 40% off on and this BaubleBar necklace is only $34 right now. I linked them both above. So, yesterday I did my first ever Facebook live post with Lady Days Boutique. Yep, live. I said “super cute” and “super fun” 1000x and I kind of want to crawl under a rock. Ha! I promise I’m not that ditsy. ( I did receive an engineering degree… somehow.) My boyfriend watched it and said “I’ve never heard you say either of those things and now you just said them 20 times and you don’t ever even use that tone of voice.”

Anyways, you have to check out Lady Days. Head over to their facebook or Instagram page. They have the cutest new arrivals for fall. I love getting to work with the owner, Tara, she is the sweetest! Tara is starting a new live video series every Friday called #fashionfriday. It’s going to include fashion trend suggestions, tutorials, and give aways. You don’t wanna miss it! I got to start the first video of the series and talked about ways to tie a blanket scarf and the importance of cuffing your jean above your booties. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but ladies it’s OCTOBER put the sandals back in the closet. Thank you.

Left leg= WRONG, Right leg= RIGHT
Cuffing your jeans makes your whole outfit look more put together. Make sure to roll them 2-3 times so that they are cuffed right above the top of your booties.
There are so many fun ways to tie a blanket scarf. If you’re like me, I originally had no idea last year. I just used it as a legit blanket. Anyone else get cold flashes?? So now that I’ve played around with one, I have found a few ways I love to wear it. A poncho/cape is also a trendy way, but my scarf just wasn’t long enough for it. Below are step by step pictures and if you head over to Lady Day’s facebook you can even watch the live video. (Warning: You’ll probably be annoyed.)
Step 1: Unfold the blanket scarf, duh.

2  3

Step 2: Take one corner and fold it over to the opposite corner to make a triangle.

Step 3: Turn the scarf to were the folded crease is at the top near your chest.


Step 4: Take each end and pull them behind you to the opposite side.

Step 5a: Pull the ends down in front of you and let them hang. (Uh, what is my pinky doing??)

Step 5b: Pull the ends down in front of you and then tuck them under the scarf.

Step 5c: Pull the ends down in front of you and tuck them and the triangle part of the scarf under if you like the look of an infinity style.

If you love blanket scarves, but it is still a little too hot outside where you live to have it around your neck try this belted vest option.


This time after you have folded the scarf into a triangle, take it behind you and then drape it over each shoulder so it hangs in front of you. Then simply belt it and go! I LOVE these double buckle belts right now.

I hope you found this helpful and let me know if you try any of the above options! Hope you have a “super fun”and “super cute” rest of your weekend. Ha!!



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