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(When you forget your dog leash, you improvise and use your iPhone cord. 😂)


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Hallelujah, fall is finally
upon us! October may be my favorite month of the year. Cooler weather starts and layering is in!

I am obsessed with this camo jacket. I’ve had it for years, but it’s my go to piece to add some edge to any outfit every fall. I actually snagged it at Kohls freshman year of college, but I’ve linked a similar one forever 21 has currently. I paired it with a burgundy top from target here, but I love throwing it over a cute graphic tee with skinny jeans on the reg.

How do you add edge to your outfits?

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So, I have wanted an LV since I knew what luxury handbags were. Five years of hard work in college earned me a piece of paper and a Louis Vuitton Retiro bag (thanks dad, you’re my bff and you know my style). I think I debated in the store for a good 45 minutes over what style and color. My favorite color is black, so it was a no brainer in the end. Needless to say, I squealed like a school girl and cling to this bag like it’s my baby. Sorry, not sorry.



Photography: Judson Sullivan (Thanks babe. 😉 )

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