Shopbop Event of the Season Sale

Eek, I’ve been so busy today studying (totally thought that ended when I graduated college..?) so I am posting super late! Sorry y’all. BUT you can’t miss out on this incredible Shopbop sale. As you all know, I love finding a good deal and staying on budget. This sale allows you to get current season items on sale. Uhm, yes please!

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Transitioning with Kimonos

“I’m so glad I live in
a world where there are Octobers.” – Anne of Green Gables

Same Anne, Same. Unfortunately, in Alabama it takes a little longer than normal for cooler temps to come. I have found kimonos are the perfect transitional layering piece. They are light, yet keep you from being chilly when that southern wind picks up. (I promise I know how to style my hair. Thanks wind. *eye roll*)

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