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Happy Friday! Y’all I am finally back on my workout schedule. My mom, sister, and I are using the 80 Day Obsession program from beach body. If you have not seen people using this and their progress yet… GO NOW to Instagram and check it out. It is unreal.

My way to stay motivated (besides looking at everyone’s amazing toned slim progress pics #Jelly) is to track my progress daily and to set goals to reach daily! This Misfit Vapor smartwatch lets me do just that! It is amazing. It has so many capabilities – so many in fact that I am still learning how to use it to it’s full potential to be honest. It is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and is powered by Wear OS by Google.

The Misfit Vapor is touch screen and has voice activated google assistant. To help track my fitness the smartwatch measures my heart rate, has connected GPS, tracks multiple types of workouts (for example weights, running, or high intensity interval training), and tracks sleep. It also has a music player that connects to wireless headphones so I can listen to music as I workout and control it. If swimming is your workout of choice it IS waterproof up to 50m! This means you can forget to take it off and get it wet with other activities too or in the shower. #Score 

This smartwatch doesn’t just help track fitness though. Misfit vapor also displays emails, app/calendar notifications, calls, and texts. Unfortunately and my only dislike to this watch is replying to text messages is not yet supported on iPhone devices. Fingers crossed this changes soon, BUT you can still preview them. 

Overall, I am loving this watch. I own another smartwatch and I never wear it because I do not think it looks the best always. The Misfit Vapor is SO sleek and goes with every type of outfit.  I am wearing the Misfit Vapor smarwatch in rose tone with the rose beige sport strap. The straps are interchangeable. The battery also lasts 10x longer than my other smartwatch. I will say it takes time to learn how to operate the watch, but c’mon we are all smart enough! 

If you love to be handsfree and have everything right on your wrist – you need this smartwatch!

*I was gifted this smartwatch by Statusphere and Misfit. ALL opinions are my own! 

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