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Happy Sunday! I was that girl who cried through worship today at church. God is just so good y’all. I am so thankful for all we have been blessed with. It was kind of an awakening for me. For some reason I have felt like I am lacking purpose lately. I have been over the moon happy (hello newlywed with a smoking hot hubby), but just felt like I am not living out my calling in other areas. Anyone else ever feel that way? I think it’s the comparison game that creeps in and causes it. #thankssocialmedia

Guess what though? It’s okay to feel that way! Every step is part of a plan God has made specifically for us. All I can do is glorify Him the best I can through everything I do.  I may not be able to serve in our church 24/7 or have a job that includes that, but I do have this blog to share with you guys. That is my purpose to tell and show what He has done in my life. He loves you and me despite anything we have done. He takes the weight of my sins. He set me free from depression and anxiety. He gave me the most amazing family. He placed a man who truly inspires me to be better every day who made me his wife. The list goes on forever. 

I just wanted to encourage anyone else who may feel this way now and then.. that it’s OKAY! You are enough and have so much purpose! 

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