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Happy Monday friends! I am SO happy to be back blogging and in a routine. I took a major break during our engagement, well because hashtag life. I can’t wait to share later this week about our wedding, but let’s get to today’s thoughts… AGING.

Oh gosh, aging. The one thing we all have heard our mother’s complain about forever, but didn’t realize we needed to worry about. Surprise… we all got older. I (like every normal teenager) refused to listen to my parent’s advice about sunscreen and aging prevention. Your skin is the largest organ you have.. hello this should have been common since to protect it. 

Now, I am! Better late than never… right? I am striving to drink enough water, eat healthy, and take care of my self. ALL things that help with you skin and aging.  Those aren’t enough though for prevention. Thanks to Shaklee Youth products I am taking it to the next level. 

Let’s talk about the YOUTH Activating Serum. It has 10x the actives to provide the critical regeneration step your skin needs after damage. It produces collagen (praise hands – I have tried collagen peptides and they make want to gag) and renews at the cellular level. 

Next up: YOUTH Radiance C + E It plumps, brightens, AND reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It even helps with age spots and skin texture. 

Finally, my favorite, the YOUTH Activating BB Cream . It evens, corrects, hydrates, nourishes, and protects. 5-in-1 what else could you ask for? It’s perfect for under your foundation or for the days you want the no makeup look. It gives you just enough color to be glowing! #flawless

How do you protect your skin? I would love to know your secrets.



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