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Let me start by being 100% honest that I had absolutely decided I would never try LipSense. I hate all of the things I get sucked in to on Facebook. SO many people started posting about it and I just thought it was another gimmick and it would fizzle out eventually. Well, I gave in when Sara Johnson ,a SeneGense distributor, offered to send me the product to try. I still was hesitant even then, but was willing to give it a go.

Y’all… I am so glad I did! I am obsessed. It is everything they say it is. Long lasting, easy to apply, and gorgeous colors. Sara sent me Lexie Beary, Glossy Gloss, and Oops Remover. 

It is not like normal lipsticks when applying. There are plenty of YouTube videos like this one from Lip Lab to help you. You apply it in three layers and you apply it one direction, DO NOT go back and forth! After the color you apply one coat of gloss. There is also a matte gloss option, which I am dying to get my hands on! I am much more of a matte lip girl than a glossy lip.

It stays on through coffee, breakfast, water/snacks, lunch, and dinner. You just need to reapply the gloss midday or if your lips feel dry. I have even fallen asleep without washing my face and woke up with a perfect lip! It’s seriously too good to pass up. No more turning down your significant other for a kiss because you just applied lipstick. This won’t rub off. I posted a video on Instagram showing how you immediately touch your lips and NOTHING comes off. Magic ladies. 

You purchase a starter kit (includes: color, gloss, oops remover) for $55 to begin with, which honestly is a steal for three products. After that, other colors are just $25 a piece. This is comparable to other brands that I was already purchasing from and those didn’t even stay on all day. 

I did encounter my lips starting to “peel” the first few applications of LipSense. This is because the product removes all of the built up wax from your previous lipsticks. It is 100% normal! Your lips will be softer after!

SeneGence also sells other products, such as eyeshadow! If you’re interested in purchasing any of their products contact Sara through her Facebook group or her Instagram

I suggest joining in quickly, because colors sell out so fast. Bella is next on my list to purchase! 

Have you tried LipSense or other products? I’d love to know your thoughts!

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