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Happy Monday friends! There are certain items I always carry in the my bag for the fall. Temperature shifts require shifting around beauty products as well. Three things I always want to avoid: headaches, muscle aches, and bad breath. I always keep Advil/ Aleve/ Tylenol and gum stocked up. I love this mentos gum, because no joke it really does whiten your teeth! I promise. It’s crazy.



I’m a huge fan of liquid lipsticks lately, but the drier weather has my lips needing a little more moisture. My #1 fall go to by them is Bête Noire Possessed Metal Lipstick. I adore all Lipstick Queen lip products. They are unique colors and and super moisturizing. Get it, you’ll thank me later! My #2 fall go to is the Mac lipstick pictured above in Odyssey. I’ve seriously been using it since it came out and gone through 4 tubes. It’s long lasting, which is a huge plus for me! Also with my lips being drier, I make sure to prep them with MAC Prep + Prime Lip before leaving the house and I keep Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy by Fresh in my bag for throughout the day. This stuff is hashtag amazing.

I am not a full coverage type of girl (even if I probably do need it). This new Matte Perfection Powder Foundation by Sephora Collection is a great and you can build it to your preferred coverage level. At $20 a piece, I keep one at home and one in my bag for touch ups. I usually apply it with a brush or wet a sponge for more coverage. It’s an exact dupe for Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation. (Cha-ching!)


Ladies, the first places on our bodies that show signs of age are under our eyes, forehead, and most importantly hands. I’m only 23, but I am all about preventing signs of aging. I didn’t listen to my parents when I was younger and boy do I wish I would have. Let me stress it to you all now.. SPF, SPF, SPF, SPF! Sunscreen is important all months of the year. This Deborah Lippmann Rich Girl is my favorite hand cream every season. It keeps my hands moisturized, while protecting them from harsh UV rays. No sun spots for me, please.

I also love to keep nail polish, perfume, tweezers and eyebrow pencils stashed inside my bag. No one wants chipped nails and Kendra Scott came out with the most perfect nail lacquer colors! My favorite is Rose Gold Metallic. She can make anything awesome, amirite?

I use MAC products to fill in my brows and keep them shaped during the day. Their eye shadow doubles for brow filler and then their eyebrow pencil helps to perfect your brow. I also love this Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. A few mists help keep your makeup fresh all day.


My last must have is Band-Aid Friction Block. It’s bootie season and that means breaking in new shoes and suffering from blister galore. Ouch! I rub this on areas I feel may be prone to blistering and it prevents it. Totally worth the money!

What do you keep in your bag for the fall that I have to try? I’d love to know. Hope you all have a blessed week!



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    1. I’ll check yours out girl! The band-aid stuff really works and helps! I was miserable after a long Game day with new shoes (stupid move) and immediately went and got some for next time.

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